Prices vary depending on design, but a rough guide is that they start from $5.50 upwards with matching printed envelopes.

There are no specific packages, as everyone has different needs.

A minimum order usually comprises of up to 50 units.

Discounts are calculated and will apply when order exceed the minimum.

Orders usually can be completed within 4 weeks, once again depending on design.

The process is as follows :

Step 1. usually is a consultation which results in a choice of design style.

Step 2. Design sample is completed along with a quote.

Step 3. Design style is approved and a 50% deposit is then placed.

Step 4. Whilst materials have been ordered we proceed with draft work (no limit) and supply of guest list with addresses, and final approval.

Step 5. Orders is put together with printing, then you will be notified to either come and pick up or instructions for delivery.

We would love to hear from you!

Payment methods accepted: EFT, EFTPOS OR CREDIT CARDS



For further inquiries please email us on


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